Source of revitalization

Exceptional accommodation for special guests. Luxurious spaces for people who feel that relaxation is not a luxury but a necessity.


Kanathos spring holds a prominent place in Greek mythology, since the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus, the goddess of marriage and family, visited it every year and bathed in its waters. It was so rejuvenating that it was said that Hera was acquiring not only her youth but also her virginity. In memory of this sacred bath, each year, her sacred marriage was repeated, an act by which the mortals sought euphoria in vegetation but also the health and well-being of animals and man.

At Kanathos Spring Suites - continuing the mythical tradition - we have this exact priority. To let our visitors once again acquire their euphoria, well-being and youth while enjoying our services and the beauties of the place of Argonafplia.

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A place to live

Kanathos Spring, the spring of Hera, a source of inspiration for us to create a space of hospitality, revitalization, calmness and well-being. Our accommodation is located in the most beautiful part of Nafplio. Quiet, idyllic environment in a green background with endless view of the magnificent old Nafplio, consisting of eight super-luxurious accommodation areas, where the pool, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath and blooming yard will offer you the ultimate relaxation.

During the winter period the jacuzzi and the swimming pool are closed.
  • Pool (3x6m)
  • Plenteous Greek breakfast
  • View to Nafplio
  • Turkish bath / Jacuzzi / Spa (adults only)

Turkish bath / Jacuzzi / Massage

The Turkish bath, the oriental version of the steam bath, was once an area of meetings, purification and architectural beauty. In Kanathos Spring, an oriental habit comes to help the busy modern man to eliminate the stress of everyday life.

Lavender aroma dominates the area of the Turkish bath. Open from 09:00-21:00 after communication with the reception.

Indulge yourself with a massage. Full or half body treatments to calm your body and soul. Appointment required. During the winter period the jacuzzi and the swimming pool are closed.

The use of the turkish bath is additional service with charge. (Adults only)

Kanathos spring. The source of your wellness!

Παπαφλέσσα, Άρια
211 00, Ναύπλιο
27520 21548

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